to the 2020



by Red Bird Ministries and

Joyful Like Maggie

that will take place virtually on

December 11 - 12, 2020

A virtual conference for families in grief and the families who are supporting them towards healing and restoration with a special emphasis on child loss from pregnancy through adulthood.

During this grief summit you will cover

  • A range of talks on grief and how to cope when you lose a child.

  • How to walk with your loved one who is grieving

  • How to help children grieve in a healthy way

  • How to care for a loved one that has lost a child, and pastoral care for clergy.

  • Facing infertility and miscarriage  

  • What it actually means to heal while grieving  

  • The hope offered to the grieving through Christ and His Church

    Summit Partners

    Ryan and Kelly Breaux

    Founders of Red Bird Ministries a non-profit Catholic grief support ministry.

    Frank and Jenifer Ramirez

    Founders of Joyful Like Maggie, a ministry that shares the supernatural joy that their daughter Magdalene Thérèse left as an impression to the world.

    Grief Summit Content

    Here is what you get with an Anchored to the Cross Summit VIP Pass

    • LIVE Keynotes

      Take part in LIVE Keynotes during the weekend from top Catholic Grief Speakers like Ryan and Kelly Breaux with Red Bird Ministries, Frank and Jenifer Ramirez with Joyful Like Maggie, Rod and Maria Dunlap with Reviv Family Support, and many more.

    • Recorded Breakout Sessions

      Access to recorded Breakout Sessions that you can view at any time during the ANCHORED Summit weekend. 35+ Talks, with over 16 hours of content, and take away resources.

    • Access After the Weekend

      With the VIP pass you won’t miss a thing! You’ll have access to all Keynotes and Breakout session talks for 90 days (Until March 12, 2020).

    • Entries into Giveaways

      Throughout the entire weekend we will be doing multiple giveaways. As a VIP Pass holder you will automatically be entered. 

    The world is thy ship and not thy home.

    St. Thérèse of Lisieux

    Download the Current Anchored to the Cross Summit Weekend Schedule Here

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    Conference Topics

    Join a diverse group of speakers as we help you tackle grief in a productive and healing way all while acknowledging the emotion and suffering that comes with this journey. We are breaking the silence of grief by bringing the every day struggles to light and focusing on how we can learn to walk hand in hand with both grief and joy. 

    • The Art of Suffering

      Go deep into a Father's pain of a pregnancy diagnosis and how it has affected the rest of his life.

    • Surrender

      A mother's cross is brought to the altar where she realizes her pain must be taken and accepted.

    • The Garden

      Father shares with us how suffering entered the world during the fall of man.

    • Men and Women Grieve Different

      RBM and JLM founders take this LIVE talk on by sharing how our brains are hardwired differently and how this directly affects grief.

    • Building a Life with the Saints

      Hear the heart of a father that has dedicated his life to share his little saints message of joy. 

    • Helping a Friend through Loss

      In this LIVE video learn how to support your grieving friend by hearing from JLM's friends and how they supported the Ramirez's through the loss of Maggie.

    Meet Our Team from Anchored

    Families across the Catholic Church have teamed up to bring support to those who desperately need a light into the darkness of child loss. Below are the families who answered the call.

    Ryan and Kelly Breaux


    In 2018, Ryan and Kelly Breaux answered the call that God laid on their heart to support ordinary families who have been given an extraordinary cross to carry called "Child Loss".



    Since inception God has taken RBM where the Breaux's never dreamed of. This ministry is a gift to the Church and a blessing to the Breaux's.


    Frank and Jenifer Ramirez

    In 2018, Frank and Jenifer Ramirez lost their daughter Magdalene, aka Maggie. Since the day that Maggie entered heaven, the Ramirez family has been sharing Maggie's Joy. Witnessing to the hope that gets you through the night so that joy can be found in the morning.


    Maggie’s purpose was to show us the joy of the Gospel and God’s determined love for a world that disappoints. For Maggie, there was no end to the celebration of life.  


    Speakers Lineup

    Our speakers come from different backgrounds and have experienced different types of losses. Come ready to learn and experience healing.

    Frank and Jenifer Ramirez

    Ryan and Kelly Breaux

    Adriana Lewin

    Yvette and Benny Buller

    Jeannie Ewing

    Cassie Evert

    Franchelle Jaeger

    Patrick O'Hearn

    Justina Kopp

    Alison Seitz

    Amberose Millecaf

    Erin Kopp

    Rev. Blake Dubroc

    Vocations Director

    Diocese of Lafayette, LA

    Maria Dunlap

    Lisa Martinez

    Rev. Nicholas DuPre

    Chaplain of Red Bird Ministries

    Pastor St. Joseph and St. Louis

    and many more!


    6 Live Sessions


    Anchored to the Cross is a two day grief summit for families who have been impacted by the loss of a child and for those who love and support them.



    With the VIP pass you won’t miss a thing! You’ll have access to all Keynotes and Breakout session talks for 90 days

    (Until March 12, 2021)



    I’ve lost 10 precious souls through miscarriage. Bennett is just one of my 10 miscarriages. Red Bird ministries has helped in my grief and healing by connecting me with other women who have also experienced loss in some way.


    Because they have experienced loss and suffering - they get you! You can talk about your loss and sufferings and not feel like you have to hold back.


    Jacob and Sarah Landry

    Parents to 10 Little Saints



    From the first meeting I instantly lost that feeling of being alone in a room full of people. It’s an indescribable peace that comes along with opening up and listening to others who have been dealt this cross to bear.


    The friendships I have gained are priceless and I look forward to continuing on this journey with them.



    Brady and Amanda Boyer

    Parents to Madilyn

    This is such a unique ministry because one is able to draw upon the Sacraments (Confession, Holy Mass & Adoration, etc) from our Catholic faith, which greatly brings on healing at a deep spiritual level. 


    There is help to aid us in grieving for our beloved children while the waves of grief continue to surface layers of pain & sorrow.


    We are truly blessed to be a part of this authentic group of apostles of mercy.

    John and Jill Comeaux

    Parents of Christopher

    “Red Bird Ministries has brought about evangelization and healing through a community of grieving parents. Shining the light of Christ into the darkness that can accompany loss has built unbreakable communities in my parish that regularly give one another the consolation of Christ Crucified and Risen. It is a truly irreplaceable ministry that fulfills an important and unique need in the domestic church.”



    Rev. Stephen Pellessier

    Parochial Vicar Pastor Our Lady of Wisdom

    Lafayette, LA


    ​“The Second Vatican Council encouraged the laity to embrace their identity and apostolate in the Church; Red Bird Ministries is precisely what the Council had in mind. It is a ministry for grieving parents by grieving parents; a ministry that I, as a priest, simply cannot and should not try to simulate. This ministry makes the Church more robust in her mission and care for souls.”




    Rev. Blake Dubroc

    Parochial Vicar St. Bernard Church

    Breaux Bridge, LA

    “It is a surprisingly common phenomenon to encounter in pastoral ministry that when someone loses a child they lose touch with their faith. I was happy to see how Red Bird helped a friend of mine actually become a parishioner of mine by helping them approach the mystery of grief and overcome their disconnect with their faith that was frustrating them. My friend went from removed and on the fringe to becoming someone united and actively serving the Mystical Body in our parish.”

    Rev. Nicholas DuPré

    Pastor St. Joseph and St. Louis

    Parks, LA

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    A safe place to bring your grief.


    A summit that speaks to the heart of grieving families of child loss has never been done before. While this summit is open to all who are grieving we are placing a special emphasis on child loss. Take this opportunity to dig deep with us, to be intentional about your healing, and we will accompany you on the journey towards restoration .

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